Nancy Pemberton, DDS
Master - Academy of General Dentistry
Your Healthy Smile is Our Quest!
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Meet The Team

A Friendly and Caring Team

You receive quality care and service from our team members, who are technically competent as well as caring and friendly. We know you will be pleased with how they assist you with all your needs. 

Connie Fricken

Business Assistant

She has worked in every area of the dental practice, from dental assisting to billing and insurance. She is also X-ray and CPR certified. Connie is dual trained, to work front and back. She is the first one to greet you. Feel free to call on her if you have any questions.

Kevin Loo

Lab Technician

Kevin has worked with us for more than 20 years, planning each case with Dr. Pemberton with the particular patient in mind. Everything that comes through his lab is made in the USA.

Donna Barber

Dental Assistant

Donna has a diploma from Eastern Dental College. She has over 15 years of dental assisting experience. Donna loves her job. She is here to make you comfortable and make sure you have a pleasurable dental experience.


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