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Dental Care in a Relaxing Environment
Dr. Pemberton takes great pride in delivering painless injections, but some patients have extreme fear of needles. If your anxieties carry over to just hearing the word “dentist,” we can help relieve that level of uneasiness with just one pill. One hour before your treatment, you take a pill that will give you a level of sedation that releases your fears. You will relax throughout the procedure, but be conscious enough to respond to questions. This conscious sedation also works well for those who need to have all their treatment completed in one visit. We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in some cases. You will be happy to feel more relaxed and have your visits more comfortable with these types of sedation. 

75% Reduction in Radiation
With digital X-rays, a complete picture of both your upper and lower jaws can be viewed in just one image! After a digital sensor is placed in your mouth and an X-ray taken, the image is downloaded and displayed on our computer screen for immediate viewing. There is no waiting time for pictures to develop and no polluting chemicals used in the process. And this advanced technology has 75% less radiation than conventional X-rays! 

Saving Hopeless Teeth
It is important to keep your full set of natural teeth intact to avoid other dental or health problems. In the past, teeth that had infected or damaged roots were extracted. But with a root canal, a natural tooth can be preserved by removing its interior pulp chamber and replacing it with a special filling material. A crown is sometimes placed over the tooth to give it added strength. 

When root canals were first being performed, they developed a reputation among patients as something to be avoided. But with advancements in anesthetics and techniques, they are no longer dreaded and are a very manageable treatment for patients. 

The Importance of Hygiene Visits
Even the most meticulous brushing and flossing may not remove all the plaque that can form on the contours of teeth. Plaque can harden into tartar, and once tartar forms, daily brushing will not remove it. When tartar on teeth goes below the gumline, you risk serious health problems from gum infections. Medical research has made a definite link between advanced gum disease and potentially life-threatening conditions of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke! We emphasize to all our patients the importance of having your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. We want you to have the best dental as well as overall good health! 

Worried about Knocking Out a Tooth? 
Do you or a family member participate in sports? According to the American Dental Association, 5 million teeth are lost each year because of trauma or injury to the mouth while playing sports. This could be avoided with the use of a custom-made mouthguard. The one size available in stores will not give the best protection or fit properly. They may impede breathing while running and result in decreased athletic performance. We offer our patients a custom-fit mouthguard that will only enhance your performance while giving you the protection you need to preserve your teeth. 

As recommended by the American Dental Association, please wear a custom mouthguard for these sports:

Basketball, boxing, football, gymnastics, ice hockey, lacrosse, racquetball, roller hockey, shotputting, skateboarding, skydiving, soccer, surfing, volleyball, weight lifting, wrestling, water polo, squash, skiing, rugby, martial arts, handball, field hockey, 
and acrobatics

Painless Injections? Is This Possible?
In a word, yes! Even if you aren’t nervous about going to the dentist – who wants to feel even a little pain? Nobody! We are proud to be one of the first dental practices in our area to employ the very latest in dental technology that helps to eliminate the fear of needles. It’s called DentalVibe™. This device sends gentle vibrations to the area of the injection. The vibrations are picked up by the nerve endings before the sensation of the needle. This essentially eliminates any pain messages and allows us to give you a comfortable, pain-free injection. Our patients routinely tell us they “didn’t feel a thing!”

The Ultimate in Patient Education 
We know you will have questions about treatments and will want clarity in answers before you begin any dental work. That’s why we provide our patients access to the CAESY™ patient information program. It provides comprehensive information on all aspects of dental care, no matter what family member the treatments are for. Even when you may not know what to ask, you will have all the answers you need to understand your dental care. 

Preventing Child Tooth Decay – the Easy Way!
Children may often miss certain areas of their teeth when brushing, and the deep grooves of back teeth may be difficult to clean. When acids and bacteria start to accumulate on the surface of teeth, plaque will form, leading to decay. With any amount of decay, the tooth is permanently damaged and will require a filling or crown for its restoration. 

There is a prevention technique to help preserve children’s and adolescents’ teeth. One quick and easy application of dental sealants will make a difference. 

The technique is simple and painless. After every tooth is cleaned and sterilized, a thin coating of the mineralizing sealant is applied. The sealant is clear or white and bonded to the tooth with a curing light. That is the whole procedure that takes just a few minutes! With such a quick and easy treatment that requires no shots, drills, or removal of tooth structure, you can help to preserve your child’s or adolescent’s teeth for a lifetime. 


Oral Cancer – Early Detection Can be a Lifesaver 
Dr. Pemberton uses an innovative, state-of-the-art system for detecting oral cancer. ViziLite™ is a special light that will show any abnormalities in the interior of your mouth. It is a quick and painless screening that can discover any problems that may not be apparent with just a visual inspection. Discovering oral cancer at an early stage will allow treatment that is less invasive and has a 90% success rate. With approximately 29,000 diagnosed cases of oral cancer within a year, a quick check with ViziLite could save your life.


Defeat Gum Disease Painlessly
It is important to know that the most frequent reason for tooth loss is periodontal (gum) disease, not decay! Dr. Pemberton uses ARESTIN™ to combat the infection. It is a very effective, time-released antibiotic that is applied directly to the gums. It is not visible but very powerful in killing the bacteria that can lead to other serious health problems if not taken care of in the early stages. And best of all, these tiny microspheres of medicine work painlessly to return your gums to a healthy state. 


Intra-Oral Camera Makes You a Part of the Team 
Dr. Pemberton always works together with her patients, creating a bond through teamwork. With the intra-oral camera, her patients can see for themselves what teeth will need work. This miniature video camera is inserted in the mouth to provide a close-up and clear picture so you can be part of the decision-making process. Like our other patients, you will love how this works!


Does Your Bridge Need Replacing?
Crowns and bridges are designed to repair or replace damaged or missing teeth, and are anchored permanently with adhesive that does its job very well. So what happens if there’s a problem? Say your fixed bridge needs repair, or you have tiny cavities around the edges of a crown. Removal can be a long, difficult process that can irreparably damage the restoration so it can’t be used any longer.
But not anymore! Dr. Pemberton uses an amazing new tool called the Metalift™ Crown and Bridge Removal System. With this tool, the permanent fixtures can be removed within minutes! Discomfort is vastly reduced, as is damage to the restorations being removed. Less damage – or even no damage! – to your crown or bridge may mean it can be adjusted or repaired and then replaced. This can save you thousands of dollars! We are very excited to be able to use this system in our patient care, and you will be amazed at how easy it is.


An Advancement in Patient Comfort
We are very pleased to offer an incredible new technology that makes your dental care much more comfortable. It’s called Isolite™. Basically it’s a suction device and a brilliant light that illuminates the oral cavity and eliminates shadows. Modern dentistry requires a dry “field” for best results. The Isolite keeps the teeth and gums dry and often eliminates the need for the bulky rubber dam. What does this mean for you? Patients spend about a third less time in the chair.


Have questions about how the latest dental technology can make your visit easier and more comfortable than ever before? Give us a call today at (985) 785-0620.


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